Where’s WALL.E?


Rewarding creativity

One of my favourite ways to waste time is to draw pictures with my daughters. Their enthusiasm and creativity is magical, and whilst the reward is a picture they are happy with, it would be great if each painiting, every drawing, all their creative ideas could end up as a toy to last a lifetime.

Check out these, they’re amazing


If children’s drawings were made into toys – Imgur.


Great Superhero Mash-Up, but where’s Ben 10?

via Movies That Come to the Rescue Mashup – YouTube.


Lots to do, so I thought I would start a blog instead

In the spirit of a true Procrastinator, I woke up this Bank Holiday morning and sighed as a list of chores filled my head.

Referring to yesterday’s Observer list on Top Tweeters so that I could update my Twitter followings wasn’t one of them, so that quickly became a priority. An hour later, after following an increasingly random collection of Procrastinators – that is Twitter’s purpose, isn’t it? – I was ready to look at that ‘To Do’ list again.

Suddenly, I was hit by a notion, if I’m on Twitter, I probably need a blog. Another classic Procrastinator past-time. Tumblr or WordPress? Well, WordPress has an iPad app so that was it. The name was easy – I am, what I am, after all. So here I am, two hours after I woke, spending time on something I don’t need to do and consciously avoiding everything else around me.

The measure of my successful Procrastinating will be the frequency with which I update my blog. Wish me luck!